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It’s on its way - I am excited to share I will be releasing a single and an album in the fall of 2019.


Having orchestrated a portion of the Riceboy Sleeps album, by Jónsi & Alex, for a live performance at The Church of St. Paul The Apostle in 2010, I'm pleased to announce that I will be orchestrating the Riceboy Sleeps album in its entirety for a world premiere tour this summer. This world premiere tour celebrates the tenth anniversary of the album’s original release. Full show list here.


selected Works

Large Orchestra

The Diving Bell Sketches (part 1 of Symphony 1 / Orchestral Set 1), 20’
2d1. 2d1. 2d1. 2d1,, timp, perc, hp, pno, str

Riceboy Sleeps, Orchestrated, 50’
1d1.0.0.0,, perc, org, hp, str, choir (6 x SATB), 2 soloists (vox, pno, bass)

Chamber Orchestra

Fanfare & Fugue (for a Fish), 12’,, timp, 2perc, hp, str (

Solstice, 13’
divided / double string orchestra (min


Smile, 5’
english horn, bassoon, piano, 5 horns, harp, percussion (celesta/marimba)

Impressions of Blue in Green, 12’
bass clarinet, horn, timpani, piano

Celtic Verses, 22’
soprano, harp

Liadan’s Lament (from Celtic Verses), 9’
soprano, harpsichord

Rhapsody, 7’
violin, viola, piano

The Sun Bled Sky, 4’
violin, piano, snare drum

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Selected Arrangements, 35’
string quartet

John Lurie Arrangements (Stranger Than Paradise, Fishing with John), 15’
cello quintet

Bolero Arrangement, 18’
flute, clarinet, bassoon, trombone, drum kit, piano, violin, cello


Contrasts, 8’

Boxeo, 9’

Electronic | Electro Acoustic

Lullaby for Piano & Electronics, 4’40”
piano, tape

Life Like Violence Mild or Untitled Tarrega, 5’25”

Dialogue for Guitar & Electronics, 7’
guitar, laptop



Dean's Symposium Series: David Handler & Justin Kantor ((Le) Poisson Rouge) | Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University | July 5 2016

Eyes of the Entrepreneurs | The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music | January 2 2013


(Le) POISSON Rouge


(Le) Poisson Rouge is a multimedia art cabaret founded by David Handler and Justin Kantor on the site of the historic Village Gate. Dedicated to the fusion of popular and art cultures in music, film, theater, dance, and fine art, the venue’s mission is to revive the symbiotic relationship between art and revelry; to establish a creative asylum for both artists and audiences.

LPR prides itself in offering the highest quality eclectic programming, impeccable acoustics, and bold design. The state-of-the art performance space, engineered by the legendary John Storyk/WSDG, offers full flexibility in multiple configurations: seated, standing, in-the-round, and numerous alternative arrangements. The adjoining gallery space — The Gallery at LPR — functions as an art gallery, secondary bar, and event space. A work of art itself, the physical facilities are the embodiment of the experimental philosophy that drives the venue.

LPR is a source you can trust for exposure to visionary work, people of character, and a consistently dynamic environment. We invite you to immerse yourself in a nightlife of true substance and vitality.

LPR has created a new paradigm for classical and contemporary music, receiving numerous awards and accolades from ASCAP, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, and more. Amongst other iconic artists and emerging talents the venue has hosted performances by Thom Yorke, Paul Simon, Yo-Yo Ma, Lady Gaga, Iggy Pop, Norah Jones, Lorde, Beck, Philip Glass, and many more.

(Le) Poisson Rouge is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with an schedule of eclectic music programming, LPR X. LPR X continues through October 27 with more shows still being added to the schedule. For more information and updates to the schedule, visit


Ensemble LPR


Ours is a uniquely exhilarating moment for music.

The old hierarchies of taste have been called into question; the old distinctions of genre have been revealed as obsolete.

Never before has such an abundance of musical riches been so widely available to so many listeners — laymen and experts alike.

And yet, alone among the major art forms, classical music seems resolutely wed to anachronisms of tradition and ritual that first sprang up in the nineteenth century. Indeed, a newcomer to classical music might be forgiven for wondering:

Why, in the year 2018, is the work of classical music so little a part of the larger cultural dialogue?

Why, in a city like New York, is the work of orchestras and composers of so little relevance to the lives of people who follow the arts, and to people who do not?

Why, among its peer art forms, is classical music the least nimble and most conservative in its patterns of thinking?

When did a genre dominated by genius and virtuosi become sclerotic, rigid, unresponsive?

Ensemble LPR is that newcomer.


Named after and headquartered at the acclaimed New York City venue (Le) Poisson Rouge, Ensemble LPR is an assemblage of some of New York’s finest musicians. LPR changed the classical music landscape, creating a new, accessible environment in which to experience art music, and in doing so expanded classical and new music listenership. In 2010, (Le) Poisson Rouge Co-Founder David Handler brought this same ethos to Ensemble LPR, of which he is Founding Artistic and Executive Director.

Ensemble LPR personifies the venue’s commitment to aesthetic diversity and artistic excellence with an eclectic spectrum of music—from works by the finest living composers, to compelling interpretations of the standard repertoire. The group has worked with esteemed classical musicians, conductors, and composers, including Lara St. John, Taka Kigawa, Simone Dinnerstein, Jennifer Koh, Fred Sherry, Ursula Oppens, Daniel Hope, André de Ridder, Christopher Rountree, Max Richter, and Timo Andres, as well as prominent artists from non-classical backgrounds such as Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead), David Longstreth (Dirty Projectors), Bryce Dessner (The National), Oscar-Nominated composer Mica Levi, John Lurie, and San Fermin.

Ensemble LPR has recorded on Deutsche Grammophon and performed at notable NYC venues including (Le) Poisson Rouge, Central Park’s Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park Summerstage, BRIC House Ballroom, and House of Yes. Click here to see the group’s upcoming schedule for its fifth anniversary season.

To learn more, visit